We’re a New York-based office, and as you know, New Yorkers sometimes have a hard time admitting that anyone does anything better than we do. But we gotta admit: a picnic and concert at the Hollywood Bowl might be the best, most classic summer date in America.

Whether you’re toasting with champagne and eating steak in the garden seats, or drinking from flasks and eating bologna sandwiches on the grass way back in the cheap seats, the Hollywood Bowl during the summer is pure magic.

The music, the sunset, the fireworks, and the shared experience of enjoying a summer night with 18,000 other people. It’s whimsical and it’s…romantic. It even makes up for the hell that is getting out of the parking lot after the concert (especially if you and your date linger on while the lot clears out…)

There are some pretty cool concerts/events coming up this month: Eddie Izzard, Dolly Parton (zomg!), and classical music every Tuesday.

If you’re REALLY looking for something romantic, this Sunday is Turandot, the world’s most easy-to-appreciate opera (in other words, a crowd-pleasing choice even if you’ve never been to an opera before). “Nessun Dorma” at the bowl on a summer’s evening with a date and champagne? Please. It will be the most romantic evening of your life.

Angelenos, weigh in! Do you agree that you have the best date spot in America? Do you even appreciate it?

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