Yesterday, we sent two outgoing New Yorkers on a blind date — and livestreamed the whole thing. We had an amazing time watching the date, analyzing it in the chatroom, and, best of all, sending over tequila shots. But what did the daters think of the experiment?

Here’s what James had to say:

“The experience was great, surprisingly casual and fun. I was definitely aware of the camera, but not in a bad way. It was just on the back-burner of my mind, that there was a camera there, and that I’d have to try to not make too big an ass of myself. I think I should always pretend there’s a camera on dates. Loved the venue, the ambiance was great and the drinks were fantastic.

I would definitely go out with Stephanie again, she was really fun and I had a great time. It was really fun. I would absolutely do it again. Also I just joined HowHookup!”

And here’s what Stephanie had to say:

“The date with James started off feeling very unnatural (no surprise there) but slowly gained some momentum. The first fifteen minutes consisted of the usual, ‘so what do you do’, ‘where are you from,’ ‘what did you study,’ and then we finally decided on drinks and food. The conversation was nice, though it felt a bit forced at first (but hey, when doesn’t it feel forced on a first date?). We bonded over our love of ’90s music and traveling through England, and even our adventures to gay bars – there are always good stories that come from those adventures.

I’d say after about twenty minutes passed, I forgot the camera was even there, and I tried my hardest never to look at it or even interact with it. I wasn’t as comfortable speaking to the audience as my date was. We couldn’t see the stream ourselves, thank god, nor could we see what people were commenting on, though about an hour in, I did get a friendly text from my boss telling me, ‘the public wants you to finish your wine.’ I guess I wasn’t sloppy enough for their enjoyment? Well never fear, because the masterminds behind the camera sent over tequila shots for us during the meal, this right after I told the story of how I couldn’t do shots.”

[Stephanie actually wrote about her experience over at Crushable, so be sure to check out her account of what happened after the webcam stopped rolling...]

Thanks so much James and Stephanie for being such amazing sports, and letting us peek in on your date!

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