At HowHookup, our motto is “go online to get offline.” Turns out, people were much better at that during the first iteration of online dating: a program called TACT (Technical Automated Compatibility Testing) which was invented in 1965.

Back then, using a computer to find a date meant getting gussied up in your finest dress with white gloves, heading to the Upper East Side, and answering questions such as:

Where would you find your ideal man: in a camp chopping wood, in a studio painting a canvas, or in a garage working a pillar drill?

Then you’d hand over your answers and feed them into a scantron-like machine, would would tally your answers and spit out five cards with names on them.

No browsing.
No winking.
No messaging back and forth to see if there’s any chemistry.
No seemingly infinite pool of potential dates.

Just five cards of possibly potential matches, whom you could then invite out for a martini or something.

We’ve come a long way, eh?

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