Glamour is reporting that the old dating trope “opposites attract” is actually not true. Geez, when you can’t trust Paula Abdul and that animated cat, whom CAN you trust? (Side note: was that music video suggesting that opposite…species attract?)

Anyway, a new study by UC Berkeley shows that daters are “are much less likely to pick a partner who comes from a different social or economic background.”

So… there’s probably not a lot of hope for you and Prince Harry.

“After monitoring ‘unsolicited messages received by 3,000 members of an online dating website,” the researchers found that “high popularity users,” that is, individuals who received tons of winks, pokes, and private messages were more likely to contact other high popularity users. And “low popularity” users were more likely to contact other low popularity users. A follow up study that included over one million online dating users suggested that “when it comes to dating, potential mates stick to someone in their own league.‘”

See? We told you it was important to know your league.