1. Having to meet his or her roommates, when you know you’re never coming over again.


2. Waking up and realizing that the person you hooked up with is at least a decade older/younger than you thought they were last night.


3.  Condoms. [Ed. note: Annoying? Sure. Necessary? Absolutely.]


4. Sleeping with your contacts in, or sleeping with your contacts in a cup full of water.


5. The fact that their room is probably too cold, or too hot, or even if it’s absolutely perfect you still probably won’t sleep as well as you would at home.


6. The awkward good-bye. “Well….this was fun.” “I’ll….see you around?


7. The high probability that there are dirty socks or other unsexy detritus on your floor since you weren’t expecting company.


8.  The forced small talk after sex, but before you actually go to sleep.


9. Deciding whether or not to go through some semblance of cuddling. (It feels weird to just roll over to your separate sides, but on the other hand, who are we kidding here?)


10. Waking up in the middle of the night and having to find the bathroom by yourself. The fear of running into roommates while doing so.


11. The Walk of Shame. Or even just The Walk of the Incredibly Hungover.


12. Figuring out if you have time to run home and change before work, or if you’ll have to make an emergency stop at The Gap.


13.  The possibility that your random hook-up might know someone you know. (Though truthfully this only seems to happen in romantic comedies.)


14. The fear that they’ll call you again, if you really don’t want them to.


15. The fear of leaving something at their house, and deciding it’s not even worth the awkwardness to ask for it back.


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