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How Hookup...Share A Secret Steak

Raoul's is a good-time guarantee. The old-school bistro has been around since it was illegal to live in a Soho loft - the kitchen has been churning out delicious Alsatian grub since the 70's. It's the kind of place where locals get drunk in the corner and celebrities knock back martinis in the covered garden out back. There's even a fortuneteller upstairs. But any regular knows the real draw is the bar steak.

Somewhat of a neighborhood secret, the bar steak - different from the steak au poivre on the menu - is succulent and delicious. This bad guy is served avec frites as well as a crusty baguette, and mesclun greens, all of which rings in under $25.00. Between the red wine, the dark lighting and the World's Best Fries (unofficial title,) you and your date are sure to figure out just how much you have in common.

Raoul's, 180 Prince Street; (212) 966-3518

How Hookup...Dine on Red Wine and Bar Steak at Soho's Raoul's


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