If you’re like me, then you use one or two usernames for pretty much everything you do on The Great Wide Internet. It’s just easier that way. But when it comes to your online dating profile, you might want to exercise a bit more caution.

If your online dating username is the same, as say, your Twitter handle (as mine is), it doesn’t seem like such a big deal. If she Googles my username, that’s all the dirt she’ll find on me. But it’s important to remember that your Twitter audience might be a little different than your online dating audience.

For example, would you want potential dates to know that you get relationship advice from T-Pain?

See, I retweeted that as a joke. But if you don’t know me then you might think I’m some kind of sap who’s impressed by onion metaphors. (Which I am, but that information is for, like, the third date.)

It’s shocking, actually, once you start going through your Tweet history, to see what your thumbs and half of your brain have been up to.

Do women really need to know that I regularly eat warm hummus that may or may not have gone bad before I even meet them? Or that I’m A COMPLETE IDIOT?

 The lesson here? Be aware of what kinds of information a person can get about you in cyberspace with your online dating username alone. It may not be as anonymous as you think.

Originally published in July 2020.