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First Date Stories: The Mosh Pit

Sometimes we find love when we’re looking for something else entirely. Sometimes that something else is “something to hang on to so that we don’t get trampled in a mosh pit.”

Christina met Todd at last year’s Primus/Gogol Bordello concert. One can imagine that with the Primus fans eager to show the kids what moshing was really like in the 90’s, the pit got pretty severe.

“We were squished between a ton of people shoving and pushing and dancing against us while the music blared around us,” recalled Christina. “Usually, during this type of situation, I try to keep my hands in the air to shove off anyone who gets too close, but for some reason my hands just ended up around Todd's waist, even though I had never even met him before.”

Todd didn’t seem to mind and they spent the whole set that way -- two strangers who had never spoken a word to each other embracing while being aurally and physically pummelled. How could this go wrong?

After the show the two former strangers struck up a conversation. Their instant connection prompted Christina to ask him out to coffee. “I literally watched his face change from smiling to pinched and sort of pained, so I quickly said, ‘You can say no if you want.’ He hesitated, and then told me he had a girlfriend, at which point I said, ‘Oh, sorry. See you around,’ and practically bolted, ignoring his comment that we were heading in the same direction.”

As luck would have it, the star-crossed lovers ended up on the same train.

“During the train ride we exchanged a glance and we both smiled, and I knew that we were meant to talk to each other. When he followed me off the train, I hoped he would talk to me and finally, at the last possible moment, he called out my name and gave me his band card, which had his name and band e-mail on it.”

When Christina and Todd’s first actual date was is hard to pin down. Is it still a date if you’re “just hanging out” but obviously interested and one of you has a girlfriend? Tough to say, but the two hung out regularly for the next few weeks -- excursions to City Island, wandering around Manhattan, watching “Lilo and Stitch” in Central Park at dusk.

“Finally one day he told me he broke up with his girlfriend, and admitted that it was because he wanted to be with me.”

Christina agreed and ten and a half months later, she and Todd are still hanging on to each other as the world goes crazy around them, just like the day they met.

You can follow Christina and Todd's continuing adventures via her blog -- Hung Up On.

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