Tonight, these two singles are meeting for the first time — live, on camera — and we’re going to livestream their blind date.

Tune in


at 8 p.m. ET to see how real people act on real dates.

The Details

Who: Keith, 32, and Mary, 32
Where: Les Enfants Terribles in the Lower East Side
When: 8:00 pm ET

There will be a live chat room alongside the livestream so we can size up their date as they size up one another (and we get the anonymous veil of the Internet!). The HowHookup team will be online, chatting — join us.

We’re picking up the tab, but Keith and Mary are not being compensated (financially or otherwise). Their only reward? A shot at love.

Meet Keith, 32

My Life History In 5 Sentences Or Fewer: I’m a Bronx-born NYC native with a love for soccer and breakdancing and pool. I went to the Fame school, then off to Boston for acting school, then back to NYC to perform and live. Then I left for clown/circus school in San Francisco. After 3 years in SF, I returned 3 months ago and here I am.

Ideal Sunday: Coffee and people watching followed by walking and a late afternoon cocktail.

Obscure Knowledge I Possess: I possess: Did you know that one of the medicinal practices of the Masai tribe of Tanzania involves an incision near the ankle and a bowl of milk?

I Have A Weakness For Girls Who: who are aggressive with menu ordering at a restaurant, can tear-up a dance floor, and are comfortable not asking “what are you thinking?” when I just have nothing to say.

Meet Mary, 32

Life History In 5 Sentences Or Fewer: Born in Saudi Arabia, grew up in Saudi and Houston Texas. Went to 3 high schools, including a boarding school in Northern Virginia. Have lived in Austin, Los Angeles and New York each for many years and still travel internationally often.

Ideal Sunday: No clue! I like totally random Sundays when I have no plan, and each part of the day just gets better. Probably something involving a movie, something physical (yoga or hiking) and a good meal with friends, either that I cooked or at a great, low key (but good!) restaurant.

Obscure Knowledge I Possess: Odd obsession with maps, city guides so I usually say something random about any neighborhood I’m in.

I Have A Weakness For Guys Who:Know random pop culture and movie references. Wayne’s World quotes randomly dropped in conversation earn MAJOR points.

The Venue

Keith and Mary will be meeting tonight at Les Enfant Terribles, a Lower East Side lair with a French colonial feel. The beautiful ambiance along with the tropical- tasting cocktails make this spot ideal for a date.

Want to watch their date? Tune in to the HowHookup Date Cam at 8:00 pm ET!

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