In looking through hundreds upon hundreds of dating site profiles (all in a day’s work!), we’ve noticed a particularly weird trend. What’s with all of these people — mostly women — putting up pictures of themselves stuffing their faces?

Like, not just eating, but taking huge bites of food that barely fit in their mouths. Chowing down. Scarfing some nosh. Om nom nom nom nom, etc.

On one level, we get it. You want to communicate that if you’re going out with someone they shouldn’t expect you to order rabbit food. You like to eat and anyone who’s going to be with you needs to get that and like it. Cool. (We love to eat too!) But there are other ways to communicate that without posting a totally unflattering picture.

Posing with a huge plate of food that you’re about to eat? Awesome. Giving the thumbs up next to a sign that says “Home of the 2 Foot Chili Dog?” We love it. We can tell that you’re a fun, adventurous eater and our culinary lives together are going to be rich. Seriously, we’re in.

But there’s no reason to post unflattering pictures of yourself on a dating profile. [Which is why you won't see the above photo in HowHookup staffer Erin's profile. Thanks for letting us post it here, though, Erin!] You wouldn’t use that drunk, sweaty picture of you at Dave and Buster’s licking a Whack-a-Mole mallet, right? Even though it shows that you’re probably fun to hang out with, it’s just not a good picture of you.

It’s pretty simple — when it comes to profile pics, choose ones that you look good in.

Unless there’s something we’re missing. Do you use “nosh pics” on your profile? Please, enlighten us in the comments. (We’ll buy you an ice cream sundae if you do.)

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