Last night we held our second DateCam experiment in which we sent a couple of brave New Yorkers, Keith and Mary, on a blind date — and livestreamed the whole thing. We had a blast in the chatroom — we analyzed their body language, sent them absurd drinks and even made them perform tricks for our amusement. It was a hot night in the city, and things got a little crazy. What can we say? Here were some of the highlights.

The room started the campaign to get our daters drunk early on. Commenters clamored for tequila, Smirnoff Ice, and Car Bombs (and, uh, Scooby Snack Martinis…?). In the end, we settled for Jameson which Keith shot and Mary sipped.

During a heated discussion on jeans and heels, dating writer Rachel Khona popped in to coin the term “heinosity.” (Which jeans and heels aren’t, btw.)

The chemistry between the two and the heat inside the restaurant were common themes. Most agreed that there wasn’t much of a spark. Dating expert Courtney Crosslin suggested that while Keith earned points for being passionate about his career, Mary probably needed someone more well-rounded who has traveled more.

Opinions on whether or not Keith should strip down to his tank top were mixed.

After a brief intermission to deal with some technical difficulties, we returned to find Keith and Mary getting along much better. The chatroom was buzzing when the couple started sharing food, and when Keith touched Mary’s bracelet? Forget about it.

“Women should always wear something that dangles on a date,” remarked Crosslin. “Men like shiny things.”

Eventually, we left the couple be to finish their date in private — but we caught up with our daters this morning and asked for their thoughts in the light of day.


Here’s what Keith had to say:

What was your favorite moment from the date?
Trying to juggle salt-n-pepper shakers for Mary’s amusement.

If the date were a period in world history, when would it be and why?
The Hadron Epoch. A time when the universe has cooled just enough for quarks to form. Though it was night, the NYC weather resembled this era to both of us.

And here’s what Mary had to say:

Favorite moment?
It was pretty funny when the shots of Jameson arrived.

If the date were a period in world history, when would it be and why?
The era of heavy European colonization of exotic locales in the 1800s, because 1) that’s the environment we were in and 2) we were brought together by outside forces, not of our own planning.


So, what’s the word on a second date? Though the two seemed to have a good time, major sparks were neither observed by the crowd or felt by the daters, it seems. No plans for a second date as of yet, but you never know…

Thanks so much to Keith and Mary for appearing on the DateCam and to Les Enfant Terribles for providing a great atmosphere, delicious fries and all the Aloe Vera based cocktails that Keith could drink.

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