Being friends with an ex, even if you were only together for a short time, is tricky business. Is there a definite amount of time that you should wait before trying? Does it depend on the person? Is it even possible?

Whether you want the answer to be yes or no, this recent Reddit thread gives you plenty of fodder for arguing either side:


Anyone who is friends with an ex is the EXCEPTION to the rule. Do not listen to anyone in this thread who tells you it works. Only the people who have an “it works” story will respond. They are the 1/1000 EXCEPTION to the rule.

Im only able to be friends with the guys i didnt see a future with. The ex that i had a house, and shared financials with… not so much. We text randomly to catch up, but not close friends.

Yes. Together 4.5 years. We lived together and were engaged for part of that time before we broke up. We had very strained relations for the first 1.5-2 years post-breakup. We both fell in love and got our hearts broken by new people. Then, it’s weird. We just became friends again. We didn’t talk about dating topics in the beginning. Eventually we were able to go on vacation together as totally platonic friends. We’ve been friends for 9 years now.

i feel like i would just have sex with this person again lol

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