When it comes to awesome date ideas, our users are crushing it right now. Here are our 10 favorite dates posted on HowHookup this week.

1. “Blind” Date

This is a creative twist on the dinner date that will not only be SO MUCH FUN, but it will actually make your food taste better. Win/Win.

2. Swedish Sweets

I just googled “Swedish Candy” and it goes way beyond gummy fish. Go! Open yourself up to an exotic world of sweetness!

3. Love That Dirty Water

Here’s why kayaking makes a great date — it’s relaxing, it’s beautiful and you can introduce elements of competition or teamwork as needed. Kayaking on top of toxic sludge introduces an element of danger can really spice things up. CAREFUL!

4. Summer Classic

Every element of this date is just so pleasant that you’d be hard-pressed to have anything but a pleasant time.

5. DIY Not?

Breakfast and a picking up a useful skill? I mean, you gotta eat and it won’t kill you to learn something. You’re not even giving up one of your precious evenings. This is a perfect example of a date that’s creative but still low-pressure.

6. Sinuous Grooves

sin·u·ous/ˈsinyo͞oəs/Adjective 1. Having many curves and turns. 2. Lithe and supple.

How often do you pick up a new vocab word and get to shake your boo-tay?

7. Psychic Prank

Hilarious. How awkward/awesome will it be if they bust you?

8. Firefly Challenge

There are few things in this world more inherently romantic than fireflies.

9. Intellectual Rollercoaster

Just because it’s fun doesn’t mean you can’t learn from it, you guys.

10. Creative Stargazing

Wow. This makes regular stargazing seem SO boring.

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