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Turntable, which integrates a real-time social experience with music sharing, has provided the perfect solution for accommodating a variety of musical tastes: DJs take turns playing one song each and everyone in the room can vote the song up or down.

Turntable is obviously super-cool and cutting edge (and yeah, I’ve yet to try Spotify, so relax), but… will this app help your love life?

Well. It all comes back to the mixtape.

There’s a reason that the mixtape has become such a popular form of expression between young lovers — there are things that you can say by simply selecting songs for someone that you could never say in your own words. When a person makes a mixtape for a romantic interest, they expect one back. The recipient of the mix should absorb the meaning of each song, as it pertains to their relationship with the mix maxer, and make a compilation in response.

It’s like writing musical love letters.

Turntable allows significant (or potentially significant) others to share carefully selected songs back and forth in real-time, in a private room. They can even bounce off of each other’s selections. It’s like having a conversation with music — the text message equivalent of the mixtape’s love letter. (Chat is also enabled within the Turntable experience, so you can communicate in words, too.)

Turntable’s a great way to flirt with a new crush. A casual “Turntable date” before you meet someone in person can also tell you a lot about your potential partner’s taste in music (which, for certain people, can be extremely important, I’ve heard). Not to mention the benefits for couples in long distance relationships. It’s amazing how much the addition of music sharing to an online chat really does make it feel so much more like actually hanging out. (And it doesn’t involve creepy virtual kissing machines.)

The Verdict
Yes! This app will help your love life. In ways that we probably can’t even imagine yet. Get on it and get creative.


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