Sex. We wouldn’t be here without it. It enables us to deepen our emotional connections and access our bodies’ built in pleasure centers. People like it! A lot!

But how do you know when the sex is really good?

Yesterday, #youknowthesexisgood was a trending topic on Twitter and Tweeter from all over the nation weighed in on how to tell if the earth moved.

On Moving

Sometimes you can’t even believe where you both ended up.

On Those Three Little Words

Ever said “I Love You,” by accident during sex?

On Low Expectations

This guy must really love sleeping.

On Post-Coital Snacks

Wait. So the tacos are for her, right? Because you’re sleeping now?

VICTORY SANDWICH! (Is this a thing? Really?!)

On Hospitality

Making cheesy eggs for someone in the morning is the number one indicator that they made an impact on you in the bedroom.

On Irony (We Hope)

Gross, dude. Gross.

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