Yo, Demi Moore: Ellen Barkin will see your 15 year-age gap and raise you 16 years over that. That’s right: the 57 year-old actress is currently dating someone over three decades her junior.

Barkin’s baby boyfriend is 26 year-old Sam Levinson, son of Barry Levinson, the director who helped launch Barkin’s career in the 1980s. (Sam may or may not have been born yet.)

The couple met while Levinson Jr. was writing Operation: Endgame, a movie featuring Barkin. They now share an apartment in New York City and are apparently as happy as can be.

Says Levinson:

“We’ve been together for like, three years, under the radar. You know, when you get to know her, she’s not that tough. She’s beautiful and intelligent and we live creatively together,”

They live creatively together! I bet they don’t even own a TV, but rather sit around all evening playing The Paperback Game and flouting societal norms. Good for them!

Though I have to point out, I think there is a slight gender bias at play here. Ellen Barkin dating the 26 year old son of her former director? Cool. But the idea of dating a 57 year-old colleague of my father’s is skeezy and horrifying. Are huge age gaps more socially acceptable when it’s the woman who is older? Hmmm…

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