First: It has come to my attention that some people [*cough* my coworkers] hear the phrase “magic tenting” and immediately think of something rather uncouth. A different kind of dating-related tent, if you will. This is, of course, is not what this Vocab Lesson is referring to.

Go on, get all your snickering out now. I’ll wait.

The first known record of the word “magic tent” is from July of 2020, when Yahoo Shine! writer Piper Weiss used it to describe a tender moment between Kate Middleton and Prince William on their North American tour.

She writes:

“Magic tent is when you’re with someone you’re so crazy about that an invisible tent is cast around you and for a few fleeting moments, everyone else disappears.”

You see? That super obnoxious couple who were making out right next to you on the subway weren’t being rude: they were magic tenting. They literally had no idea you were there!

Magic Tenting: verb. When, through sheer force of your attraction to someone, you are able to make everyone else in the room disappear.

The worst though, is when you’re totally magic tenting with someone and someone else butts in with a “What are we talking about?” or a “I think we’re moving on to the next bar, now, you coming?”, or worst of all, with a bored “Heyyyyyyy.” At that point, all you can do is death glare at the interloper and hope he or she gets the message.

The message being: “Uhm, excuse me, can’t you see this magic tent only has room for two?”