Even if your grandparents are really hip, there’s still a number of things about modern dating that would probably be a bit over their heads. Here are five examples of things that are (almost) second nature to us, but would seem preposterous to a person who grew up without television.

1. Decoding Texts

You: “What do you think it means that he said ‘See Ya’ instead of ‘Goodbye’ or ‘Peace Out’ or something? It means he wants to see me again, right? As in ‘See Ya again sometime soon?’”

Your Grandparents: “I don’t know. Did he take his hat off when you walked in?”

You: “No, he — what?”

2. Facebook Photo Stalking

Sure, your Gramp and Gram looked longingly at pictures of their paramours from time to time, but “accidentally” spending an hour scouring the pics from your crush’s beach vacation to see if her body language indicates that she’s hooking up with that faux surfer Abercrombie douchebag that she works with? The grandparents probably aren’t gonna relate.

3. Gchat Fights

The reason that it’s a thousand times easier to get in a fight over chat is because you’re so distracted by the work you’re supposed to be doing that you’re only half paying attention to what you’re saying and on top of that you don’t have body language or tone of voice to help you communicate. It’s like… writing really short letters, really fast while… listening to the radio?

4. Sexting

I guess it’s not so much that you couldn’t explain it. It’s just that you wouldn’t.

5. Googling Someone Before A Date

Imagine that all of the spies of all of the Allied Forces were working for you and you alone. Are you telling me that you wouldn’t have set them loose on that guy you met at the ice cream social back in ’49? Oh. What? He had kind eyes and he was shy, but not too shy, and that was enough for you? Wow. Wow.

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