You know, it happens. Things come up. Life gets in the way of romance and sometimes you have to postpone a date.

Too often, in the sometimes touch-and-go world of online dating, interest will fizzle and “what could have been” becomes “what never was.” Avoiding this is surprisingly simple:

1. Don’t postpone a date unless you really have to (e.g. not because you’re “tired”). Legitimate sudden conflicts should be the only excuse.

2. Reschedule your date immediately: “I’m stuck at work tonight, but this project will be behind me by Wednesday, for sure. Are you free Thursday evening?”

By proposing an actual time and date, you at least know that you didn’t drop the ball and you make it easier for them to pick it up. You’re letting them know that, just because something came up doesn’t mean your interest has dwindled.

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