They are according to AskMen’s Great American Male Survey–an even lower threshold than last year.

Remember how last year we were horrified when 41% of American men surveyed by AskMen said that women become sexually promiscuous after sleeping with 10 men — which at the time was the lowest possible option?

The results of the 2020 survey broke down like this:

At What Point Does A Woman Become Sexually Promiscuous?
Never? 14%
When she sleeps with her 10th partner? 41%
When she sleeps with her 20th partner? 34%
When she sleeps with her 50th partner? 14%
When she sleeps with her 100th partner? 3%

Well, this year, AskMen changed the survey, adding a lower option: When she sleeps with her 5th partner. And, would you believe it, given the lower option, the men surveyed voted that that was actually the tipping point into promiscuity.

Let’s think about this for a second:

The average American woman loses her virginity at 17 years old. So that’s one sexual encounter.

So the average 30-year-old American woman will have been sexually active for 13 years. This means that, in addition to the initial sexual encounter, if a woman has sex with 4 partners over the course of 13 years, she’s considered promiscuous. That’s about 1 sexual encounter every three years.

Come on, men! Having sex once every three years does not a promiscuous woman make!

We’re still waiting for AskMen to add a question about at which point guys themselves become promiscuous. Never?

Women Who Have Slept With 10 Or More Partners Are Promiscuous

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