When Jesse James and Kat Von D broke their much publicized engagement, you would have been hard pressed to hear any cries of shock from the public. Though distance was cited as the reason for the relationship’s demise, it’s hard to believe that there weren’t other factors involved. Why? Because, really they both should have known better.

Jesse James’ and Kat Von D’s twitter-documented romance, from where we’re standing, was a classic rebound.

So, how can you tell if you’re someone’s rebound? Since relationships that happen without a break since the last one do sometimes work out, there’s no way to know for sure that yours is a rebound. However, if the person you’re dating is displaying any of the following 6 qualities, you might have cause for suspicion.

1. They’re super-eager to commit

Is it two weeks in and you’ve met their parents? Are they throwing around words like “forever” in the first four days? Maybe they’re just head-over-heels and want to lock it down before the best thing that’s ever happened to them gets away. Or maybe they’re trying to burn the scent off their last relationship off their body with a flamethrower.

2. They tend to “show you off”

What are you doing on their arm at the birthday party of a vague acquaintance? Furthermore, why are you meeting everyone and actually talking to no one? Bringing you is the equivalent of wearing a t-shirt that says “I’m over my ex.”

3. They compare you to their ex

Maybe it’s true that no one else they’ve ever dated has ever been able to go Anchorman quote for Anchorman quote with them. But, why do they have to make it weird by saying that their ex “didn’t know how to have fun”?

4. They’re “in a really good place now”

Of course there are exceptions. But anytime someone makes a point of telling you, unprovoked, that they’re “in a really good place” it’s more than likely because they desperately want to be “in a really good place.” Be careful that you’re not just a piece in their “really good place” puzzle that will never be finished.

5. They talk more about how much they like you than why

Not that you’re not worthy of excessive praise. But non-specific excessive praise? If you’re not sure what they actually like so much about you, it’s probably worth asking. And if they bring up their ex at all in that explanation, get out.

6. They met you at a bar the night after they broke up with their ex

Nothing says “I just need a jogging buddy to run from my pain with” than a post-break-up drunk hook-up.


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