I came across a piece entitled Common Dating Mistakes Women Make In Their 30′s on Madame Noire today and it got me thinking. What challenges do single women in their 30s face that women in their 20s might not? Is it really so different?

What’s interesting is that the majority of the dating behaviors cited in the piece are, in one way or another, related to the a thirty-something woman’s desire to find the right one fast. The piece seems to suggest that women in their 30s are often too concerned with time, or too specific about what they want in a partner. (Or both, which is kind of a deadly combo.)

Among the mistakes cited are: Settling for less than you deserve, dating to marry (as opposed to dating to get to know someone), and not being open-minded.

Whether or not women’s reactions to the new concerns that come with being in your thirties are, in fact, holding these women back from the relationships that they want, the concerns themselves are pretty practical and rational. Which, I would imagine, makes them that much harder to let go of.

On the other hand, I’ve met a number of women in their 30s who are happy to be single and feel like they’ve finally got a handle on how to date successfully.

What do you think? Are women in their 30s prone to making dating mistakes because of concerns that are specific to their age? Are they more experienced and, therefore, less likely to make mistakes? Or somewhere in between?