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How Hookup... Hang with the Rat Pack

Frank Sinatra is playing in the background, and you and your date are staring into each other's eyes, dreamily falling in love. Or you will be -- as soon as you get yourself to the Carnegie Club's weekly Sinatra night.

Performed by Steven Maglio, the show pays tribute to Ol' Blue Eyes every Saturday. You'll think you've gone back to the old-school "New York, New York" once you're settled into the plush chairs and couches. It's not just the old-time standards that send you back in time -- due to special provision in NY law, the smoking of cigars and cigarettes is legally permitted in the club. As Frank himself once said, "Anything Goes."
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The Carnegie Club
City Spire Centre
156 West 56th Street nr. Seventh Ave.
(212) 957-9676


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