Music sharing app Spotify hit the states recently, and the reception has been overwhelmingly positive thus far. If you like unlimited access to free music, Spotify is rapidly becoming the go-to. But will it help your love life?

Spotify grants you the ability to see what anyone in your social network is listening to. You can access playlists that any of your friends subscribe to and also ones that they have created. For many of us, impeccable taste in music can be a huge turn-on and in that regard, Spotify is the lovelorn music geek’s wet dream.

Welcome to a magical world where you have the chance to attract someone — who might not otherwise give you the time of day — through your taste in music.

Your public playlist of the century’s best dance songs will have them thinking about you when they shake their hips. Your makeout mix masterpiece? Forget about it. Suddenly, your musical selections have made you the most secretly desired person in your social network.

Of course, this only works if you have good taste in music. You normally might not let potential dates see your workout mix until they’ve proven that they like you in spite of the fact that nothing gets you pumped up like “Barbie Girl.” With Spotify, you’re an open book.

The verdict? If your serious about music, Spotify provides you with a whole new platform for flirting. But if being judged by your musical proclivities is something you fear, you may want to leave love out of the mix.

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