HowHookup members are posting awesome, thoughtful, creative dates every single day. Here are the 10 best from this week.

1. It’s Not Trespassing, It’s Art.

Exploration and art make for an awesome date. So does not getting arrested.

2. Perfect Day

The multi-part date is always a good bet, especially one that includes a delicious brunch in a beautiful setting.

3. All The Way To The End

It sounds so mysterious, no? Like you’re going to end up at Hogwart’s or something.

4. Snap Happy Apple

Instant fame.

5. Philadelphia Freedom

Being a tourist in your own city rules. You should run up those stairs like Rocky, too.

6.Up, Up and Away

Why are hot air balloons so romantic?

7. Dirty Mouth

Anything goes, huh? Like anything anything?

8. Wings and Wheels

I know every time I watch a plane take off, my heart swells and I feel like a kid. You?

9. Tongue or No Tongue?

You guys, I was talking about eating tongue. As food. On a bizarre food tour. Jeez.

10. Sidewalk Surfin’

It’s not gonna be summer forever, you know…

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