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Is A Huge Height Difference A Dealbreaker? Shaq Doesn't Think So.

Height is definitely a big issue for women when it comes to dating. Many women are averse to dating someone an inch or two shorter, and some refuse even to date someone their own height ("I want to be able to wear heels!" they'll somewhat guiltily pout.)

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Of course, a huge height difference in the opposite direction can be just as problematic. If a guy is too tall, girls can sometimes feel silly, or tiny, or young. ("He'd look like he was kidnapping me!" exclaims Natalie Portman in No Strings Attached, when confronted with the possibility of dating super-tall Ashton Kutcher.)

Sometimes, it seems like women are looking for a mysterious golden ratio of ideal height proportion. It's a shame, cause it's hard enough to find someone whose personality matches yours, let alone someone who fits certain height requirements.

Shaquille O'Neal recently created a bit of a stir when he stepped out with girlfriend Nicole Alexander. The couple have a whopping 2 foot height difference, but neither of them seem too perturbed by it. They've been going out for about a year, and are supposedly "inseparable." Sure, they probably have to deal with their fair share of comments and jokes. But they also get to be together, and they seem to make each other happy, so it's a pretty fair trade-off, right?

Focusing too much on height is silly and superficial: it shows that you put more weight on what other people might think or see or say, rather than what you feel about a person. People come in all shapes or sizes, so do yourself a favor and give yourself an inch or two: you might end up with a mile in return.


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