Ladies! So you’ve got yourself a fun, cool, creative HowHookup date … but can’t decide on an appropriately fun, cool, creative outfit? Well, we’ve partnered with the style editors at & to “Hook-Up Your Date Style.” Over the next few weeks we’re going to be dressing your HowHookup date ideas. And to make it more fun, we’re also giving away a $1,500 Shopping Spree! First up: Creative Dates. Below you’ll find 3 HowHookup date ideas and 3 fun outfit ideas from SheFinds:

But will the outfits they picked out impress your date? HowHookup’s resident dating expert and fashion dabbler Scott Alden gives us a guy’s perspective on each:

“It takes some doing to get a guy excited about about a bag. Specifically, you’d have to put big, tough buckles on it and a bike chain. A guy might actually notice and complement you on this bag,” says Alden. “You add your sexy, peek-a-boo shoulders, those Audrey Hepburn black skinny jeans and some hot, jungle-glam gold bamboo hoops into the mix? You’ll have this guy scrambling like a kitten on a linoleum floor to get back on his game.”
“Rompers are hot. Even the word itself is hot: Romper. This little number in particular is cute and loose, but huggy in all the right places. I can’t help but think of it as a package waiting to be opened.

And those glasses! How are they so pretty, yet so legitimately nerdy? I dig the subtle curves. Glasses are kind of inherently sexy anyway, but these glasses are, like, voluptuous.

This outfit is incredibly sexy without giving the impression that you’re trying to be. Which is even sexier.”

“What is that sweater made out of, light reflecting off of a forest pool? Are you some kind of ethereal elven queen who has just awoken from a century of rejuvenating beauty sleep to meet me at this wine bar? Hold on let me just text my boss and quit my job so I can spend THE REST OF MY LIFE with you. (Yes, I find your owl pendant adorable, too. I’m sorry I didn’t mention it right away.)”

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