Words With Friends lets you play “scrabble” (or rather, a scrabble-like imitation) electronically with your friends. It can also help you get dates. Here’s how.

1. Words With Facebook Friends

Because people are so willing to challenge anyone to a game, Words With Friends brings about the most unlikely pairings: you against an ex, you against that kid from your Sophomore English class, you against that person you made out with at a party once, you against your friend’s little sister’s friend. In other words, the people you would never actually message on Facebook, but have no problem playing a friendly round of scrabble with. In some sense, Words With Friends widens the dating pool of people you already vaguely know.

2. Words With Friends You Flirt With

As we’ve said before, a little healthy competition can ignite chemistry you didn’t even know you had. Especially if it’s a close game. Especially if you’re a little turned on by your partner’s epic use of the word “UNFORGED.” Especially if you find yourself noting that your partner played their most recent word immediately after you did, which means you’re both playing right now, which means you may as well be on a date.

3. Words With Friends With Benefits

If you’re playing Words With Friends with friends, but you want to be more-than friends, look to your letters as the key. Do you have enough to spell the following words?

CUTE: 6 pts.
DATE: 5 pts.
SEXY: 14 pts.
CRUSH: 10 pts.
SOULMATE: 10 pts.
HOOKUP: 15 pts.

If you’re ballsy, you can use the chatbox to follow them up with a saucy comment.

4. Words With Strangers You Can Hit On

Apparently, there are people who troll Words With Friends and ask people “ASL?” (age sex location?) or “DTF?” (down to f**k?), (to which the only appropriate answer seems to be an enthusiastic “DTS!”: down to spell.)

The point is, as far-fetched as it seems, if this didn’t work sometimes, no one would bother, right? Somewhere, someone has engaged in a Words With Friends Cyber Sex session.

5. Words With Dates In Real Places

Words With Friends has the easiest transition to offline dating ever. And it can be casual, too!

If you lost: Rematch? Scrabble next weekend, in real time, so I can tell you aren’t cheating? ;-)

If you won: Okay. Let’s raise the stakes this time. Winner buys the loser coffee next week.

So cute! So seamless! So easy to shrug it off as not a big deal if they for some reason say no. But they won’t, because who can refuse a date with a Words With Friends champ?


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