Choosing a picture for your dating profile is a big decision, but not a permanent one. So when should you change out for a fresh pic? Here are some questions to ask yourself.

1. Do you look different?

Do you have a pixie haircut now? Have you lost a ton of weight? Do you just, for whatever reason, look different? It’s best to make your profile picture as current as possible.

2. Are you unhappy with your response rate?

If you’re not satisfied with the amount of dates/messages you’re receiving, there are many things you can change or tweak in your profile or your approach, but it also might be worth switching out your photo. You never know! Sometimes the pictures we think are most flattering are not, in fact, the ones that others respond to.

3. Has Your Profile Gotten A Little Stale?

You filled out your profile the first day you signed up, and haven’t made any changes for six months. Time to mix it up a bit! When you upload a new picture on HowHookup, users see that “[YourUsername] has uploaded a new photo!” Just another great way to resurface your profile to as many potential dates as possible.

4.Does your Profile Pic have any of these elements?

Cross reference with this post: 8 Things To Avoid In Your Dating Profile Pic

Is your profile pic like any of the ones listed? If so, change is good, baby. Change is good.

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