If you’re going on a date with someone you really like, and need to pull out the big stops, consider booking a chef’s table at a nice restaurant. It’s a pretty safe bet when it comes to romantic, or at least interesting dinners.

What it is:

A chef’s table is a table right near the kitchen, or sometimes even directly IN the kitchen, which lets you watch the chef prepare your food. Some chefs, such as Mark Dommen of One Market, will even let you don a chef’s jacket and get involved.

Price Range:

Usually starting at around $85 and up, so it’s on the expensive side for a first date maybe, but not so much more expensive than any nice meal on the town would be. WELL worth the money if you’re trying to impress a foodie. (The gratuity will often be included, but be sure to check!)

What To Expect

Depending on the restaurant and your type of reservation, you’ll either be seated just the two of you or with a group of like-minded diners. The meal will probably take place over several courses, and often will be catered to your specific dietary restrictions and tastes. You’ll definitely get to interact and get to know the chef.

Some Suggestions

Brooklyn Fare Chef’s Table
Telluride Ski Resort (You take a Ski Gondola to get there! $150 per person.)
The Foundry, Los Angeles
Kitchen Table at Charlie Trotter’s, Chicago
Tosca Ristorante, DC
Craigie, Boston

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