1) You find yourself casually clicking over to his or her Facebook page or Twitter account, and then before you know it, you’re at their very first entry and there’s nothing more to read. Because you clicked through the entire thing.

2) You’re happy to talk to anyone about your crush. Like anyone. Like that co-worker you randomly ran an errand with. Like your Grandma’s sister at a Family Reunion. Like the ONE person who happens to be on Gchat when you get a cryptic text that you immediately need help decoding.

3) You make plans with any mutual acquaintances you may have, in the hope that maybe, just maybe, your crush will come up in casual conversation. And if they don’t, you will bring them up. And sometimes you suffer through long evenings with people you don’t even like that much, just so at the end you can casually let your crush know that you “hung out with [MUTUAL FRIEND] the other night.”

4) You can’t help but thoroughly research anyone who tweets to your crush, or writes on their wall.

5) You give your crush their own separate ringtone, and whenever you hear any tune that is even remotely similar to it, your heart skips a beat.

6) You wouldn’t say you have unrealistic expectations about this relationship, but when pressed, you admit you’ve thought about where you’ll retire, and what activities you’ll do with your eventual grandchildren.

7) The most played song on your iPod is the one that played at the bar on your first date.

8) You absolutely refuse to make any plans for the weekend UNTIL you’ve made plans with your crush. And if you don’t hear from him or her, you still keep the weekend open, just in case they call.

9) It’s so weird, but, you can relate almost any conversation to one you were just having with your crush! You’re constantly telling your friends what your crush thinks about, oh, anything.

10) In between dates, you find yourself renting movies he/she mentioned, reading their favorite book, idly wikipedia’ing any anecdote they mentioned, and looking up flights to where he/she said they’d most like to go on vacation.

10 Things Not To Do Until You’re Exclusive

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