Last night, I randomly caught an episode of Giuliana & Bill, the reality show about married couple Giuliana de Pandi and Bill Rancic.

At one point during the show, while having a beer with his wife and her friends, Bill tells the group what made him really start to fall for Giuliana on the second date.

The couple had gone out to a restaurant, and towards the end of the meal, Giuliana excused herself to go to the restroom — and secretly walked to the front of the restaurant to pay the bill. Smooth, Giuliana, very smooth.

This gesture is a great way to take the question of “who should pay the bill?” into your own hands, with no fuss or protestations. Instead of just offering to pay the bill, simply pay it. At the end of the meal, when your date asks for the check, they’ll be shocked (and, probably stoked) to learn that you took care of it. It sends the signal that you’re just as able and willing to pay as your date is, and also that you aren’t high maintenance about gestures like this. (“No, I’LL pay!” as you dramatically hand over your credit card, etc.) In the longterm, it sets a tone of equality in the relationship.

Have any of you guys tried this move on a date before? How would you feel if your date secretly paid the dinner bill? Let us know!

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