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The Love Seat: Meet Yosh

Today, meet Yosh, a young intellectual who is looking for Mr. Right but is also open to just having a good time.

What are some dating turn-ons and turn offs?
1. An interesting conversationalist with a good sense of humor
2. Someone who is fun to be around
3. A great smile and a positive and engaging attitude

1. Self-centered or self-focused
2. Inconsiderate behaviors or commentaries
3. Not engaging attitude

An ideal first date that is under $20?
A visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art to look at art together followed by a walk in Central Park before to find a bench by the Duck Pond and munch on homemade packed lunches, talk, and people watch.

An ideal first date that is over $2K?
Something classic. Get dressed up and go out to dinner at a nice restaurant before catching a Broadway show. Then finish the evening with drinks at the Mandarin Oriental.

Your Bucket List (a few things you simply must do) and Fuckit list (a few things you simply won't do)?
Bucket List:
1. Skydiving
2. Walk and eat my way through Southern France
3. Visit Florence, Venice, and Rome
4. Drive along Route 66
5. Start a charitable foundation
6. Visit Brazil
7. Get married and start a family
8. Inspire someone
Fuck-it list:
1. Visit Africa
2. Bungee Jump
3. Eat insects and/or grubs

Intuition or Analysis?

Romance or Realism?

Ponds or Rivers?

Advice for guys who want to meet the one and for guys who want just have fun?
Be yourself and be honest to the other person about your wants, needs, and expectations. Personally, I want to meet the "one" but I understand that sometimes there is no pre-assigned cosmic lover for everyone. Therefore, if you're just a guy who wants to have fun, I'm interested!

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