How many couples per summer have sex on the beach, I wonder?

If, for every beachside bar, at least one couple per night drunkenly meets and decides their respective motels are too far away or crowded with roommates…well, it must be a huge number, right? That’s not even including couples who sneak away for beachside trysts.

(Related: I’m told the pick-up line of the summer, at least in The Hamptons, is “Wanna go skinny dipping?” Maybe it’s because skinny dipping is on so many people’s bucket lists, or maybe it’s because it’s slightly more coy than saying “Wanna go hook up on the beach?” Either way, the answer to this question is usually (surprisingly?) “yes!”. And then, I suppose, since the clothes are already off…)

If you feel that the Summer of 2020 won’t be complete for you without a little surf n’ turf (meaning SEX), please do your research and read this funny account from Cosmo’s Sex Blogger, who dutifully dragged her boyfriend to the beach and hooked up with him there, all in the name of journalism.

Her tips?
-Put down a towel, first.
-Keep track of personal items (like your underwear).
-People in your line of vision are closer than they may appear.

So, now you’re prepped and ready for a good time! Find yourself a cutie, sidle up to them (hopefully while drinking a Sex On The Beach, because that would be meta, right?) and ask them: “Wanna go skinny dipping?”