Love, love, loved this essay by Shane Nickerson on HelloGiggles from a man who’s been married 14 years.

In this paragraph (which I confess I read over and over again, because I loved it so much), Nickerson lists 17 ways he “knew” when he met his wife.

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“She made me happy. (1) I missed her when we weren’t together. (2) I loved her voice (3) and her smile. (4) I trusted her immediately. (5) She made me feel safe. (6) Neither of us ever pretended not to take it seriously (7) or not call each other because it might be too soon (8) or second guessed our connection. (9) We liked each other’s friends. (10) I enjoyed making her laugh. (11) She made me laugh. (12) We both hated the same stupid things. (13) She was not the person I had always dreamed of; she was much more. (14) I thought about her all the time. (15) She’s beautiful. (16) Most of all, I really liked being around her. (17) I still do.”

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Excuse my sentimentality, but, is that just the sweetest thing ever, or what? Maybe reading that paragraph before every date would help get rid of pre-date jitters. Seems like a little case of the nerves now and then is totally worth it.


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