We’ve noticed a weird trend in some HowHookup profile pics, and while we normally hate to call out our users (er, with a few exceptions), this is such a “don’t” that a PSA is definitely in order.


Don’t “namedrop” in your profile pics.

It’s cool that you met and took a picture with Tyra Banks — that will be a great story to tell on your date. You don’t need to actually put the picture on your dating profile.

Especially if it’s not even a good picture of you.

Especially if the person isn’t even that famous or immediately recognizable. (Like, say, someone who’s kind of a micro-star in your industry — people on the outside won’t get it, and people on the inside will roll their eyes at your subtle brag.)

Even if you’re, say, the President’s right hand man (are you Reggie Love?) and have a load of flattering and impressive photos of the two of you shooting hoops, or hanging out backstage sharing a laugh before the State of the Union — don’t picture brag. It’s a turn-off.

Let your date discover all impressive people you know on their own.

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