The experts seem to agree — economically speaking, things look pretty bleak. What does this mean for your dating life? No one can predict the future, but suffice to say you may want to adjust your expectations a bit.

Dating dealbreakers that seemed perfectly reasonable in, say, the 90s might no longer apply. Here are 5 common dating dealbreakers that are worth re-examining in the current economy.

1. Being Unemployed/Underemployed

43% of Americans are single. 47% of Americans are either underemployed or unemployed. So, if almost 1 in 2 people in the US are without sufficient work, that means that only 21.5% of all Americans are single and have full time jobs. We can estimate that half of those people are the right gender for you, so we’re looking at about 10% of the population before we even take sexual orientation, education, drug use, height, weight, use of phone during a date, excessive talk about previous relationship, body odor, etc. into account. The number of dateable people gets smaller and smaller.

In this economy, being willing to date someone who is looking for work practically doubles your odds of finding “the one.” Worth considering, right?

2. Doesn’t Always Pay

In the modern world, most male/female couples tend to split cost of dating to some degree. However, there are still a surprising number of women who expect that, if a guy really likes you, he’ll pay. I would encourage those women to consider that, in today’s economy, a guy who’s not willing to foot the bill every time might actually really like you. He just might like having a roof over his head more.

3. Not Financially Stable

Maybe they lost some serious dough in the recent stock market crash. Maybe their investments haven’t been paying off for some time. The point is, that just because they’re not rolling in it, doesn’t mean they’re not trying. Look at their habits, instead of their income. Are they smart with their money? Are they a hard worker? Are they good at making connections? If the answer is yes, they may be a safer bet in the long run than someone who can wine and dine you now.

4. Has Roomates

You really can’t fault someone for trying to save a few bucks on rent, especially if they’re saving for the future and/or supporting an enriching lifestyle (i.e. taking classes, eating well, etc.). Sure, dealing with roommates can be kind of annoying, but the fact that someone lives with other people shouldn’t be automatically taken as sign of immaturity.

5. Not Sure About Marriage

In a time when the financial future of the country is uncertain, we may begin to think a bit less romantically about our own individual futures. Thoughts like “How would I even afford a wedding?” might be a little more practical than they once were. If someone’s not sure they want to get married, it’s worth finding out, why and whether or not it’s really commitment phobia or money woes that are at the heart of it.

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