Glamour got such an interesting user question today that I’ve decided to reprint it here.

The anonymous reader writes:

“For first dates, even if I choose the activity (say, “drinks”), I like to let the guy choose the venue. But if the guy chooses a big, anonymous, chain restaurant rather than a local, intimate restaurant or microbrewery, I often won’t keep the date. Can a guy’s choice of venue for a first date impact your choice to break the date? And is this too judgmental?”


Glamour’s Rosemary Brennan wrote that while she agrees that food preference can be a potentially divisive issue,

“There are a number of reasons a dude might pick a chain over an local restaurant: he could be new to the area and unfamiliar with the best places to eat, he might be nervous about dating a cutie like you so he suggests the first restaurant to pop into his head or he maybe he’s not as passionate about good food as you are.”

Exactly! If he’s not as passionate about food, it seems unfair to punish him, especially if he’d probably be just as happy meeting in a non-chain restaurant of her choosing.

If this were an issue of the guy only ever wanting to eat at Chilli’s, and the girl only ever wanting to eat at some quaint Indo-Moroccan Bistro, then, sure, we’d have a problem. But as far as first dates go, if the venue is so important to her, she should choose the venue herself — and wait to make any decisions on compatibility until after they’ve already been on a date.

After all, maybe he likes cute restaurants and exciting food — he just needs someone to point him in the right direction.

But of course, we always vote in favor of going on the date.

What do you guys think? If a date suggests a national chain restaurant for a first date, is that a dealbreaker?