So, last night’s DateCam went well.

Really well.

To say that Nick and Maya hit it off might be a bit of an understatement. 60 seconds into the date, they decided to kiss, “as a joke,” but it must have been some kiss, because the sparks continued to fly the rest of the date.

Was it the delicious Bubby’s pie?
The ambient music?
The sparkling Brooklyn Bridge in the background?

All we know is that by the time we packed up The Date Cam last night and said our goodbyes, these two were still hanging out. Watch The Full Date Here

Nick’s Post Date Recap

How did you like Bubby’s Pie Tasting as a date?
The pies were delicious! I enjoyed them and the date was wonderful. I should have eaten dinner first before filling up on sugar and cocktails but it was lots of fun!

Date highlight?
Humm, a highlight. Well we had lots of good conversation. I enjoyed hanging out and swapping stories.

What was it like dating on camera?
Not a big deal having the camera there. We pretty much ignored it but even when we didn’t it wasn’t a date disturbance at all.

What happened after the cameras stopped rolling?
After you left we finished chatting and I gave her a ride home on my Vespa! We exchanged numbers and had a good night kiss. We didn’t make official plans, but I think we got along well and I’m sure we’ll get together for another drink soon.

Maya’s Post-Date Recap

How did you like Bubby’s Pie Tasting as a date?
It was a cute place, and pie is pretty easy to eat without making a mess or getting it all over my face. Yes, I think of these things. Though our backs were to the window with the sunset and we couldn’t really pay attention to the music, they were both lovely and would have only heightened the experience.

Date highlight?
I’m glad he was game for the kiss at the beginning. That could have been awkward. I also appreciated how playful he was in the photo booth. I must say the highlight for me was when he drove me home on his vespa. I had never ridden one before and it was a nice night for it.

What was it like dating on camera?
I put a bit more effort in the evening going well because I didn’t want to disappoint the people who were watching. It also made me be very in the moment which is good for a first date because I focused on listening to everything he was saying. Plus, the “camera” was a computer and I sit if front of those all the time so it wasn’t too weird.

What happened after the cameras stopped rolling?
We finished our drinks and he drove me home. There are no specific plans but we did exchange numbers. I’m sure we’ll hang out again.

Check out Nick and Maya’s Full Date Video HERE

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