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How Hookup... Pretend. (And Win a $1,500 Online Shopping Spree, For Real!)

"Pretend" dates have always been popular on HowHookup, but what to wear is a HUGE question. How do you hit that sweet spot between having fun and wearing a costume? Well, you're in luck, because we've partnered with the style editors at & to "Hook-Up Your Date Style." We're be dressing up some your most creative HowHookup date ideas -- and to make it more fun, we're also giving away a $1,500 Shopping Spree! Last week we featured active date ideas; this week we're looking at the more theatrical side of things. Below you'll find 3 HowHookup date ideas and 3 fun outfit ideas from SheFinds:

But will the outfits they picked out impress your date? HowHookup's resident dating expert and fashion dabbler Scott Alden gives us a guy’s perspective on each:

"How Hookup...go to brunch in our fanciest clothes and do a pretend walk of shame."

"The best thing about this dress for "pretend-walk-of-shame" brunch date is that I get to imagine having taken it off you the night before. And it wasn't easy. I'm dazzled by your mirrored bag glinting in the sun and intrigued by your fancy heels with laces.Who is this woman I'm pretending to have slept with? "

How Hookup...pretend to be tourists in our own city and sneak onto a tour group bus.

"Is that a fanny pack? How are you possibly pulling that off? It must be that your soft-as-a-baby-blanket pocket tee and skinny jeans are distracting me. Or... that just a really cool fanny pack."

"How Hookup...pretend to be invited. Wedding, Bat Mitzvah, or movie premiere?"

"Can't we just do all three? I mean you're obviously up for anything in your tye-died velvet clutch and your sparkly heels. And I want to see those earrings shine on the red carpet, then swing on the dance floor."

Enter to win a 1,500 online shopping spree and hook up your date style here!

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