90 years ago, New Yorkers were celebrating the end of the “war to end all wars”, the prevalence of the automobile (and the increased dating freedom it provided), short skirts, risque dances, women’s sexual liberation, movies that actually had dialogue, and above all, jazz. Who wouldn’t want to relive that decade?

Okay, sure, the 20s also had its drawbacks, but this weekend you can jump back into time and enjoy the very best of what the era had to offer at the Governor’s Island Jazz Age Lawn Fest.

$10 ($7 at the door) will give you access to a party where everyone is just as obsessed with The Great Gatsby as you are.

There will be food, drinks, tons of people in dapper flapper costumes, and, (naturally) jazz music from a live orchestra. Grab a date and channel Scott and Zelda! (Just make sure you brush up on your 1920s lingo first.)

Like this date? Find someone to go with!

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