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Cartoons, Poetry and Falling in the Water: 10 Best Dates Posted On HowHookup This Week

HowHookup members really get the art of planning awesome dates. It starts with picking a fun, conversation-starting, low-pressure activity. Check out these ten dates posted on this week and see what we mean.

1. Stuffed With Fluffies

I may be a bear of little brain, but cartoons and booze without honey seems like a bit of a waste.

2. Clandestine Wine Tasting

Tip: If the doorman's not negligent, he may at least be unscrupulous. Don't be afraid to grease his palm with a Hamilton or two.

3. Poetic, Just Us

Ah, poetry! Relish in the clever turns of phrase! Soak up the radiant beauty of the english language! Nod heartily in agreement with the keen insights! Maybe hold hands!

4. Secret Satirists

Lightly making fun of the people around you is a really effective way to bond on a first date. Doing it in cartoon form practically guarantees a second one.

5. Balancing Act

I saw some people doing this the other day and it's bad-ass. Be prepared to fall in the water a lot before reaching bad-ass level.

6. Awwwwww!

No, seriously -- awwwwwww!

7. Grand Central Jubilation

I love the flash mob as a date idea because it requires planning and strategy, which will tell you a lot about your compatibility, and the pay-off is exhilarating.

8. High Brow/Low Brow

Poutine is french fries with cheese curd and gravy. A fancy, foodie-friendly version is, truly, the best of both worlds.

9. The Multimedia Date Experience

You got your music, you got your art and you got your sunshine. I'm not sure that weather technically counts as a "medium," but it should, right?

10. Last of the Mohican

Summer is not going to last forever, you guys. Taking advantage of the weather and natural beauty around you is a great excuse to go on a date. And vice versa.

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