I suddenly realized that unless something changed soon I was going to live a life where my major relationship was with a bottle of wine… and I’d finally die, fat and alone, and be found three weeks later half-eaten by alsatians.” – Bridget Jones’s Diary

Sadly for singletons, Bridget Jones’ miserable prediction for herself is not so far stretched. New research by the University of Kentucky, Louisville, shows “just how poorly the singles do.”

According to a Today.com article:

“Single men could die about eight to 17 years earlier than their married male friends, says Roelfs, citing that nearly all of the data was gleaned from studies conducted in the last 60 years. Women don’t fare much better. They could die seven to 15 years earlier than their married female counterparts.”

Good lord. Why would you research this, University of Kentucky? Isn’t science supposed to realize humanity’s greatest dreams, not its worst nightmares?

Okay: bright side, bright side, being single is great! Really…great.

Now lets find dates. ‘Cause apparently, it’s a matter of life or death.


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