One thing that I’ve learned from looking at thousands of profiles on HowHookup is that people really don’t know how to identify their most flattering pictures. I’ll often see a main profile pic where the flash is too bright, the angle is wrong, or the person’s eyes are DEMON RED. Then I click through to their profile and often they’re quite handsome/cute/pretty in their other pictures (not to mention witty, charming and displaying common interests in their profile questions).

The lesson here? Click through. It costs you, what, 5 seconds of your time? If you feel like there is even a sliver of a chance of attraction based on their main pic, it’s worth it to check out their profile. The guy/girl of your dreams might just be weirdly not photogenic. Or gorgeous and just throwing a bad picture out there because they’re tired of shallow people messaging them based solely on the extraordinary good looks they’ve been unfairly burdened with and really want to connect on an intellectual level.

Okay, the second scenario is less likely, but it only takes one click to be sure. Then at least you can sleep at night knowing that Mr./Mrs. Right didn’t slip right through your fingers.

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