You met online. You had a great date. Now you want to follow up and see if there’s really a spark, or it was just a fluke.

OR, you had a so-so time, but there was something appealing about the other person and you wonder if maybe the two of you just need a chance to warm up.

In any case, you want a second date and you’re wondering how to make it happen. Here are a few tips for locking it down.

1. Get confirmation before the date ends

A simple “We should do this again,” goes a long way. Once you get a positive response, it’s an easy transition into exchanging numbers if you haven’t already.

2. Take the communication off the site.

A dating site is a place to find people to go on dates with. By the time you get to planning a second date, it should be happening via text or actual phone call. It sets more of a “this-is-actually-going-to-happen” tone.

3. Do something different

Sure you had a great time on your first date at trapeeze school, but can you actually talk? Your second date should put the two of you in a new, but still reasonably comfortable context. Suggesting something different than your first date shows that you’re A) a fun, interesting person and B) communicates that you’re interested in making sure that your chemistry wasn’t just about the ambience. However,

4. Don’t suggest something out of left field

Did you and your date connect over your mutual love of kung-fu movies? Find a theater that’s showing one. Is he or she a real foodie? Buy them the best burger they’ll ever eat at that place that nobody knows about but you. If the date itself is something that you’re both genuinely excited to do, it’s more likely to happen.


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