Clueless is one of those movies that, like a good wine (or a pair of vintage Azzedine Alaias, Cher would maybe say), gets better with age. No matter how old you were when the 90s cult-classic was released, there’s a chance you didn’t quite appreciate just how clever Amy Heckerling’s script was.

Nearly 20 years later (ahhhh!), slang from Clueless has become a much beloved part of the American vernacular. Brush up on Cher’s ingenious way of describing love and romance below, and then, if you’re in New York on Wednesday night, grab a date for an outdoor showing of Clueless in McCarren Park.

Baldwin: noun. Someone who is really, really hot.

Cher: [Referring to Josh] Okay, okay, so he is kind of a Baldwin.

Hymenally Challenged: noun. Virgin

Tai: Cher, you’re a virgin?
Cher: You say that like it’s a bad thing.
Dionne: Besides, the PC term is “Hymenally challenged”.

Cake Boy: noun. Gay.

Murray: Your man Christian is a cake boy!
Cher, Dionne: A what?
Murray: He’s a disco-dancing, Oscar Wilde-reading, Streisand ticket-holding friend of Dorothy, know what I’m saying?

Betty: noun. A babe.

Cher: Wasn’t my mom a total Betty? She died when I was young. A freak accident during a routine liposuction.

Monet: noun. Not as hot as she seems.

Tai: Do you think she’s pretty?
Cher: No, she’s a full-on Monet.
Tai: What’s a monet?
Cher: It’s like a painting, see? From far away, it’s OK, but up close, it’s a big old mess. Let’s ask a guy. Christian, what do you think of Amber?
Christian: Hagsville.
Cher: See?

Think the idea of seeing Clueless on a nice summer night is like, way romantic? Click below to find someone to go with!

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