A new study out today on college drinking habits shows that, surprise surprise, American college students really like to drink. But are people using alcohol as an excuse for looser, more promiscuous behavior?

According to the study:

“If you have sex, you’re a slut, and if you don’t, you’re a prude — but drinking allows you to do both. You can go out, get drunk, have sex and the next day say, ‘I’m still a good girl.’”

The thing is, this sort of attitude towards alcohol isn’t just limited to the college demographic. Everyone knows alcohol is a social lubricant, but in the world of sex and dating, alcohol is sometimes portrayed as a necessity. In a recent post in which we polled people for tips on how to quell pre-date jitters, nearly everyone responded with a variation of the same tip: drink. Obviously, liquid courage can go a long way in helping ease first date awkwardness. But sometimes, the perceived effect of alcohol is just as valuable as the actual physiological effects.

Sometimes, a girl will play up her tipsiness, acting more intoxicated than she might actually feel as a flirting technique — she’ll be sillier, sloppier, and a bit more lascivious. It’s a way of making a move without seeming too bold or forward: any brashness can easily be blamed on alcohol. If she’s rejected, she can pretend to not remember the next day, and avoid embarrassment. If she says something she regrets or goes too far, it can be all fixed with a simple “Sorry, I was really wasted last night.” And just like that, her slate is wiped clean.

There’s something about female sexuality that is still not universally accepted in our society: some women feel like it’s easier, better, to claim it was alcohol that led them to bed, and not desire.

Which kind of sucks, right?

The fact that so many women and girls feel like sex is more acceptable if it’s an unbridled, intoxicated decision rather than a self-aware sober one. It’s also never really a good idea to use alcohol as an excuse without taking responsibility for your own actions — whatever the implications may be.

It’s a pretty hot-button issue, and we’re fascinated.

Tell us the truth: have you ever, in any small (or large) way, used alcohol as an excuse for your behavior, either on a date or with a partner of any kind?


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