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A Guided Tour Of Your Awesome New Profile

Over the last few weeks we've revamped the HowHookup profile. I'd like to share what we are trying to achieve and some highlights from the new design.

Our main goal was to make it much easier for you to get the information you need to make a decision about whether to message or ask someone out.

Also, when you view your own profile, we wanted to create a seamless editing experience so you could effectively manage how you are appearing to other daters on the site.

Here are some key highlights from the public profile (aka what you see when you're checking out other members):

1. Better Photo Viewing

We added a large size primary photo, the ability to see all other photo thumbnails without clicking into a tab, and a full screen photo viewing experience.

(Note: I know that some people with smaller screen resolutions are still having issues viewing full size photos. We added the ability to collapse the viewing carousel. We'll also be adding a few other fixes this week.)

2. Better Date Viewing

We put all the dates in the same place and made them the focus of the profile. We added new date icons. And we now allow you to save dates from the profile, not just from the date stream.

3. More Power

Saving profiles to go back to, reporting profiles as inappropriate or spam, and hiding profiles you're not interested in: You can now do all these things from the profile. When you click the star in the upper right corner of the profile, it gets saved. You can access your saved profiles from the people stream right on your home page.

4. Similar Users

You now can see other members you might be interested in.

And here are some highlights from the private profile (aka what you see when you're managing your own profile):

1. Date Management

We've gotten rid of the "Dates I've Posted" area and moved it right into the profile. You can easily manage your dates from your profile now. We've also moved all private dates (dates you've posted just to a specific person) into their own tab. We've cleared up a few bugs around editing dates as well.

2. Photo Management

You can easily delete photos and set photos as your primary photo just by hovering over them. You can also manage all your photo captions.

3. Photo Upload Options

Try the new facebook photo upload - it's awesome. You can snag, like, 10 photos in 10 seconds.

4. New Basics

Children and Race/Ethnicity options have been added to the Basics section.

5. Easy editing

Editing anything on the profile is super quick and easy - no need for the page to reload, etc.

6. Profile Preview

See your profile the way other people see it.

7. Custom Questions

We made it way easier for you to create and answer custom questions in the profile. Go for it!

That's about it. We have a few more profile surprises coming soon - but the full foundation is there now.

We really hope you like it. Please let us know if you're finding any bugs or if there's anything you'd like to see changed: leave a comment here, or email theteam at HowHookup dot com.

Happy Dating,

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