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How To Look Cute In A Hurricane (Or At Least Presentable.)

As if figuring out what to wear on a date weren't stressful enough, this weekend, East Coasters are going to have to consider a hurricane while getting dressed for a night out. [NYC: Check here for a list of bars that are and aren't open!]

Because showing up for a date after getting caught in the rain is never a great start to a romantic evening, we're going to plan ahead for this one. Here are some style types for weathering Hurricane Irene.

(Holing up with someone instead of venturing outside? Here are 25 questions to occupy you and your significant other.)

On Your Feet

Sara Zucker, Fashion Blogger and Community Manager for, says: "Look for a non-welly rubber boot like the Loeffler Randall LR Rain Bootie (something that doesn't look like a welly, por favor)."

We also like these cute rain Uggs, which can be more easily slipped into a bag and exchanged for heels than unwieldy rain boots.

Still, if you're going to go for a rain boot, might as well go the whole way, you know? Meow.

On Your Body

Rainy days are one occasion when it's great to be a woman/Scottish man. Zucker advises: "Aim for knee-length or higher dresses and skirts; avoid pants or maxi dresses to prevent wet hemlines from putting a damper on your date."

Also, avoid jeans: there's nothing like wet jeans to make you feel gross and uncomfortable through the entirety of your date.

Leggings are always a good option for the rain: you can tuck them into boots, and they don't wrinkle or get ruined when wet. Pair them with a simple shirt and a trench, and you've got an outfit that's nearly impossible to get mussed up.

Also, definitely remember to dress appropriately. Maybe you had your heart set on wearing a cute sun dress, but there's nothing worse than feeling wet and cold, especially if it prompts your date to repeatedly ask you "Are you cold? Are you sure?" Feeling comfortable is just as important to date confidence as feeling pretty or sexy, so opt for the warmer option. You don't want to look like the silly girl who doesn't know how to dress for a hurricane. (The look at left is JCrew.)

On Your Face

Waterproof mascara, obviously. But here's an important tip for rainy days: skip the heavy make-up. You'll look way better with less make-up than you will with super runny make-up, or with a lot of makeup and wet hair.

If you do wear make-up (or bring some with you to apply once you get to your destination), focus more on your lips than your eyes, as lipstick won't run the same way eye make-up will. Keep it fairly matte, too!

You know those cleansing towelettes/make-up removers they sell in the travel section of the drug store? These are your best friend -- the easiest way to quickly remove any make-up that does smudge if you get caught in the rain.

On Your Head

Pony tail, bun, anything you need to do to keep your hair as out of the rain as possible. (If you pin your hair up you can always let it down once you get to the bar: this is a great way to keep a blow-out fresh).

You can also take advantage of one of the many frizz-fighting hair products and oils on the market, but beware: if your hair gets wet, and has a lot of product in it, you're going to be left with a goopy, sticky, mess. There really isn't much to do in rain aside from embracing your hair's natural texture (which no one probably hates to the extent that you do, anyway.)

If it's pure Roseanne Rosannadanna volume you're trying to avoid, embrace the fact that braids are super in this season. Check out these super cute braids from Glamour.

If all else fails, pile your hair into a cute newsboy...

...or try one of these daring turbans!

Over Your Clothes

Not gonna lie, a Burberry Rain Coat is gonna set you back quite a few hundred dollars. But you will look good in the rain for the rest of your life. Just look at Audrey.

Of course, a hurricane might require something a bit sportier, with a hood.

"How great are ponchos?" asks The Gloss's Jennifer Wright. "Wave that poncho around like the gentle wings of a butterfly! We like them in pink."

Okay, so ponchos aren't sexy, per se. But it totally worked for Natalie Portman in Garden State, they're cheap, they're quirky, they give off that low-maintenance vibe, and, best of all, they're probably available at any pharmacy between you and wherever you're meeting your date. Rock it.

Got a cute hurricane date outfit? Send us a snap and we'll post it!

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