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The HowHookup Date Contest Winners! AND THE WINNERS ARE...

The HowHookup Date Contest Winners!
Diana Spechler: with her sexy-smart 17-Likes Date

Alexander Gillett: with his live-out-your-fantasy-in-NYC-style-30-Likes Date

A huge congratulations to Alex and Diana. We hope you have an amazing time going on your dates!

A quick summary of the rules and regulations for the Date Contest: Anyone could post a date to the HowHookup Fan Page Wall. The lady and gentleman who amassed the most "Likes" would get their date paid for, up to $150.

There were a whopping 76 contest entries in all. Bravo! The HowHookup.Com landing page says:

You fill in the dots with the dates you want to go on. Creative Dates. Simple dates. Wild dates. Lovely dates.

Over the past 7 days, the Fan Page Wall became a testament to this array of enticing, romantic possibilities in the form of dates people want to go on. Lovely.

First, a little background. Until tonight, Brian always thought he had been THE WINNER of the Wall Painting Contest held at Aaron's 4th grade birthday party. (The exterior walls in Aaron's house were being torn down, and so his folks had the boy-friendly idea of a destroy-the-walls-with-paint b-day party.)

At the close of the painting extravaganza, Aaron's mother MC'd an awards ceremony. Brian was so enraptured by the "First Place" prize he won for his wall creation that he didn't realize there was a "First Place" prize in EVERY category and exactly one category for every partygoer.

So, we'll be borrowing from A's mother's book for the HowHookup Date Contest. That's right...Everyone gets a prize!

It simply could be no other way. Here's the deal. For all who entered, we're going to buy you a drink at our next happy hour. We'll call it...The Everybody Wins Happy Hour. And, in homage to Aaron's mom, you each get your own special award!

[Okay, so the funniest thing ever just happened-Bri had written this and I (Aaron) was editing it and he just said: "You know, I think I really did get the REAL first place prize?" OMG!]

[Then I wrote that little bad boy in brackets above; Brian saw it and goes, "That's totally fine to write, but I think I might be right. Do you really remember?" OMG!]

The Best Costume Date Award

We're so into this date idea, that one of us (A or B) would like to take you out on it! Yep.

The New-Date-Category-Creation Award

Movie-oke! Can't wait to see if this one ever actually happens. Nice innovation, Erik.

The Daring Date Award

The Burger Date Award

The Hedonistic Learning Date Award

The Create-A-Scene Date Award

Victor, we were totally rooting for you! F-ck it. We'll totally pay for this one! But you have to agree to let us video it.

YES! It's Spring Time Date Award

The Best Date Amendment Award

(Note Ms. Andersen's soft serve addition in the comments.)

And finally, The Animal Rights Date Award

Okay, so every date will get an award, which you'll find soon on our Fan Page Wall. But you'll need to come to a Happy Hour to get your certificate.

A huge thank you to everyone who posted a date idea and to everyone who went and "Liked" a date. Stayed tuned on Facebook for some time & place announcements re: Everybody Wins Happy Hour. If you posted a date, we'll be delighted to buy you a drink. If you're a Fan, you're invited to join the revelry!


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